Engendering Equity in Architecture and Planning - Shared screen with speaker view
Micaela Lipman (she/her)
Good evening all. Welcome to this evening’s session. Please drop in any clarification questions during the presentation.
Micaela Lipman (she/her)
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Micaela Lipman (she/her)
For those just joining us, welcome. Please right click and rename yourselves with your pronouns so that we can appropriately call on you during the Question and Answer period. You can rename yourself by hovering over your box with your name or photo and right clicking on the three dots that pop up. Feel free to drop in questions to the chat as they come up.
Kelly Gregg [she/her]
Sorry I’m not good with the reactions…
Micaela Lipman (she/her)
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Micaela Lipman (she/her)
For those just joining, welcome to this important interdisciplinary conversation. Please continue to rename yourself with your pronouns and drop any comments or questions into the chat.
Micaela Lipman (she/her)
Joyce Hwang (she/her)
https://placesjournal.org/article/what-i-learned-from-architect-barbie/ (also...)
Carol Ramos
Joyce’s comment makes me think about development and comments I have heard from colleague students regarding development. In his comment, he mentioned “development (or sprawl) is inevitable”. I can’t help but to thinks there might be a relationship between men’s role vs women’s role in this urban development push. Would Joyce agree? What other panelist think?
Micaela Lipman (she/her)
Thank you Carol for this question. Please keep questions rolling in.
Joyce Hwang (she/her)
I see a bunch of alums in the audience - welcome back!
samina raja [she/her]
Welcome everyone!
Alan Oberst (he/him)
Quick question: I've seen an outpouring of enthusiasm for this year's Pritker Prize winners, including Anne Lacaton, who was a Clarkson Chair in 2013. Is there video of her talk available? I haven't been able to find it online. Thank you for this discussion.
samina raja [she/her]
Alan, all our Clarkson lectures are available - and we can certainly get that to you. Please email sraja@buffalo.edu. Do you have a question for the panelists who are speaking today?
Alan Oberst (he/him)
Thank you, Samina! I don't have another question.
Insha Akram(She/her)
Panelists spoke about breaking the canon.. I would like to know what are some pedagogy practices in classroom training help students to recognize and improve their understanding of gender equity?
Kelly Hayes McAlonie (she/her)
I wonder if the panelists can discuss the evolution of women’s attitude towards feminist advocacy in the profession and canon
Insha Akram(She/her)
I feel many a times students are not aware of the gender differences..
Charles Davis
Joyce, I wonder if the gender and racial politics of the field almost requires more women and people of color graduate with 501(c)(3)‘s in hand (i.e. having a functioning business of their own) to combat the sexism and racism of the profession? That is to say, our near exclusive emphasis on design within the academy imagines a more equal playing field than we currently have. Just wondering what you think of that approach.
Charles Davis
Beth, I’m wondering if your research on gestalt addresses any of the reductive tendencies in its use within design education? I ask this question because of the recent critiques of phenomenology by scholars like Sara Ahmed and Linda Martin Alcoff who have developed theories of space that explicitly consider the ways that race and gender shape cognition, especially for picking up patterns that are less formally indexed by buildings and other ‘permanent’ elements of the built environment, but adhere more to bodies moving in space.
Krista Macy
Kelly: I love this question. Thanks you!
Laura Lubniewski (she/her)
where is the reading list you mentioned Despina?
Micaela Lipman (she/her)
I would reach out to our wonderful librarian Rose Orcutt to get this list.
Nick Bruscia
Beth, your new book sounds fantastic. Looking forward to it! Would love to hear your reply to Charles’ question sometime.
Joyce Hwang (she/her)
@Charles - Yes, totally agree!
Elaine Chow
Elaine Chow
special thanks to Ayla Abiad an alumna advisor
Micaela Lipman (she/her)
Elizabeth Saleh (she/her)
Thanks everyone!